missions and outreach

missions and outreach

It is our desire at Temple Baptist Church to assist in planting churches in America and around the world, through prayer, giving and hands-on assistance. The grace of God that has changed our lives is needed in every corner of the globe. Together we can make a difference.

Mission Trips

There is no substitute for eyewitness and hands on experience. Nothing will burden your heart more than seeing people who have never been exposed to the gospel of Jesus Christ hear it for the very first time. Nothing will motivate a person more in the area of missions than the actual experience of personal involvement in missions work.

Each year on our missions trips, people have the opportunity to do actual missions work and get involved in being a part of the work other than just making a financial contribution. Each trip, people will come home and testify about the blessing of sharing the gospel with someone for the very first time. Come with us on a missions trip and take part in these wonderful blessings. You cannot fully understand the difference a trip like this can make in your Christian life until you experienced it for yourself.


If you would like to be involved, please contact info@templebaptistfairview.com